Name Source Row Count
Youth Literacy Young Women UNESCO Institute for Statistics 159
Worldwide Women in Civil Service and Security World-wide data collected from multiple sources 1
Worldwide Population by sex UN Statistics Division, The World's Women 2015 1
Women in the Workforce The World Bank, World Development Indicators 44
Women in Parliaments Worldwide Inter-Parliamentary Union 1
Women Entrepreneurs OECD Stat 40
Wage Gap OECD Gender Data Portal 22
Representation 2020 Gender Parity Index Scores Representation 2020 50
Proportion of women Audit Body Presidents (Europe) European Commission Gender balance in Decision-making database 37
Proportion of Women National Ministry Administrators (Europe) European Commission, Gender Balance in Decision-making Positions Database 35
Power: Control of Corruption World Bank 209
Power indicator: 'On the whole, men make better business executives than women do' (% Strongly Agree) World Values Survey Wave 6 58
Power Indicator: Rule of Law World Bank 209
Power Indicator: Regulatory Quality World Bank 209
Power Indicator: Political Stability and Absence of Violence World Bank 211
Power Indicator: Is the party of the woman executive in control of legislative body? (only applies in countries where the woman is an executive) OECD 46
Power Indicator: Government Effectiveness World Bank 209
Power Indicator: Does the head of state/government have override powers for Supreme Court Decisions? OECD 44
Power Indicator: Does the executive have veto Powers? OECD 50
Power Indicator: Does the Supreme Court have power to veto legislation? OECD 46
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