Name: Positions Indicator: # Constitutional Court Presidents that are women

Description: As part of its commitment to promoting gender equality in decision-making, the European Commission established in 2003 a database monitoring the numbers of men and women in key decision-making positions in order to provide reliable statistics that can be used to draw comparisons between European countries and monitor the current situation and trends through time. The database covers positions of power and influence in politics, public administration, the judiciary, various key areas of the economy, public decision-making positions which deal with the environment and media. Data may cover international, European, national, regional and local levels and currently include 35 countries – the 28 EU Member States, four candidate countries (Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey) and the remaining EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

Source: European Commission

Country ISO A3 Year Notes # Constitutional Court Presidents That Are Women
Bulgaria BGR 2016 0
Austria AUT 0
Belgium BEL 0
Czech Republic CZE 0
Germany DEU 0
Spain ESP 0
France FRA 0
Croatia HRV 0
Hungary HUN 0
Italy ITA 0
Liechtenstein LIE 0
Lithuania LTU 0
Luxembourg LUX 0
Latvia LVA 0
Macedonia MKD 1
Malta MLT 0
Montenegro MNE 1
Poland POL 0
Portugal PRT 0
Romania ROU 0
Republic of Serbia SRB 1
Slovakia SVK 1
Slovenia SVN 0
Turkey TUR 0
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